Fire Suppression Services

Our fire department works hard to reduce the frequency and effects of uncontrolled fires on a daily basis. Effective firefighting responses continues to be the foundation of our organization. Protecting the community from the dangers of uncontrolled fire is our top priority. Our firefighters are well-trained and well-equipped with the latest tools and tactics to make strategically aggressive fire attacks to help us rapidly control structure fires with the goal of holding these events to the areas of origin.

All pumper fire apparatus (Engines) are equipped with a minimum of 1000 gallons of water and sufficient supply hose to provide for an effective water supply source. Fire attack lines are specifically designed to flow enough water to allow firefighters the ability to be aggressive with their fire suppression tactics. This ability to deliver higher water flows along with our closely coordinated ventilation procedures allows us to search active fire buildings providing potential victims the greatest opportunity for survival.

Today’s modern building construction, while lighter in weight, affords in some cases less safety from fire spread. Homes and businesses today contain highly combustible plastics within furniture and coverings. We feel our combination of sufficient staffing levels allows for a quick and aggressive offensive fire attack when combined with coordinated ventilation within the fire building. These procedures have the ability to provide for more positive outcomes.

To help achieve our effective firefighting capability, Elizabethtown has implemented increased staffing levels, new apparatus, equipment and technology with a daily staffing level of three firefighters. Our Engine crews have the training and equipment to handle most fire ground situations. The Engine Company can initiate a quick fire attack should it arrive and find the need to perform fire extinguishing activities.