Community Policing

What Is Community Policing?

Community policing is a collaborative effort between the police and the community that identifies problems of crime and disorder and involves all elements of the community in the search for solutions to these problems. It is founded on close, mutually beneficial partnerships between law enforcement and community members.

Partnerships between law enforcement and communities offer several benefits. They help us find solutions to problems involving crime, help develop strategies and programs for keeping the community safe, and increase trust between neighbors and police. This is the philosophy behind community policing and it's something we believe strongly in at the Elizabethtown Police Department.

Anyone can participate in community policing. It's not just confined to neighborhoods. The entire community can participate, including corporate and small businesses, nonprofits, community groups and organizations, as well as other government agencies.

Effective community policing has a positive impact on reducing neighborhood crime, helping to reduce fear of crime and enhancing the quality of life in the community. Think of the impact we could have if we organized ourselves in a meaningful way to solve problems and be proactive about preventing crime.