Patrol Division

The Patrol Division, which is led by Division Commander Mark McMichael, performs the most visible and recognizable functions of the Elizabethtown Police Department. The Patrol Division provides the citizens of Elizabethtown with law enforcement services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is committed to maintaining a safe and orderly environment for citizens and visitors in all areas of town.

The Patrol Division is broken down into 4 squads. Officers work a 12 hour shift and each shift consists of a sergeant, and 2 officers. The Patrol Division responds to calls for service such as, property crimes, sexual assaults, larcenies, domestic violence, alarm activations, and traffic collisions.

In-between calls for service, officers are pro-active in enforcing traffic law violations, serving warrants and investigating suspicious persons. In addition, the Patrol Division has taken a pro-active approach to community policing.