Commendation & Complaint Statement

We realize there are times that our interactions with the public are to be commended and there are times when someone may be left less than satisfied with their interaction with one of our officers. We would like to hear about both types of encounters.

Commend Officers

If you would like to commend an officer and tell about your interactions with them, please email or call the Chief of Police. We will ensure the employee and their supervisors are made aware of the positive interaction they had with you.

Make a Complaint

If you were less than satisfied with an interaction you had with one of our officers, we would like to know. We take these interactions seriously and will review and investigate your concerns. Please download the following two forms which can be dropped off or mailed to the police department. Please address your letter to the attention of Chief Tony Parrish.

Complete the forms fully with all contact information so we may keep you informed of the status of your complaint.


If you are unsure if your concern rises to the level of filing a complaint please contact Chief Tony Parrish by phone at (910) 862-3125, or email him at [email protected].