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Rejuvenation Project at Elizabethtown Airport

Contractors have been working hard at the Curtis L. Brown, Jr. Field, also known as the Elizabethtown Airport adding a sealant to the asphalt on the runway and apron. The Asphalt Rejuvenation Project is State DOT funded to assist in maintaining the asphalt and safety for another eight to ten years.

Paul Rogers, with TriMat, said, “The idea is that we can avoid a costly overlay. It’s a whole array of benefits including safety.” The markings at the airport had faded, which is a safety concern for pilots. After the sealant being laid on the asphalt has had time to cure, the contractors will come back and add new markings according to Rogers.

The project started at the beginning of May and will continue about 30 days after the first phase of the project is done allowing the sealant to cure according to Rogers. He said, “The idea is to maintain the tax payer value. We come in and get everything at a level where it can be maintained for another eight to ten years.”

The airport has a 5,003 ft. lighted runway and parallel taxiway. The airport has been located at 466 Airport Road in Elizabethtown since 1988 and continues to bring value to Bladen County.