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Elizabethtown Fire Department Recruitment Letter

The Elizabethtown Fire Department takes our responsibility very seriously. Our community is protected by dedicated and committed emergency service responders who do their jobs when called upon, even at three o’clock in the morning. Saving lives and protecting property is not an easy task responding to over 1,000 calls a year. We do it willingly and often without recognition.

Volunteer firefighters and emergency medical service providers are a special kind of people. We are looking for members to help answer the call of duty. The Elizabethtown Fire Department has started a new campaign to recruit volunteer members to respond to emergency calls for help and assist with fundraising and administrative duties.

As our community grows, our emergency calls for help increase. Today we respond to far more than fires and vehicle accidents. When someone is having a heart attack, we are there. We answer calls for anything from hazardous materials incidents to sports injuries to industrial accidents. We need volunteer members to help us help our community.

Benefits for volunteering include Paid for calls, free training and additional trades learned, gear provided for the job, retirement, community outreach and other state and local benefits not associated directly from the department but additional vendors. 

Anyone who is interested in becoming a volunteer member Elizabethtown Fire Department can contact us at:

401 W Swanzy St Elizabethtown NC, or call 910-862-4586, or email [email protected]


Deputy Chief Anthony Norris

Elizabethtown Fire Department

extras on why with 2017 stats:


Statistics for 2017

— Incident Reports: The Elizabethtown Fire Department responded to:

(1053): Emergency Incidents (33): Non-Emergency Incidents

(1086): Total Incident Responses

  •   Fire: (99)
  •   EMS: (624)                   
  •   RESCUE: (122)
  •   OTHER: (241) 

Property Save/Loss evaluation

18 Reportable calls: $3,304,650.00 value with a loss of $97,150.00

— Community Education and Outreach Events:

All personnel accounted for 362 total events.

Allowing us to reach out to a estimated 2,376 adults and 3,189 children.

— Training:

(5879) Hours of training were completed for the year of 2017 by Fire Department personnel.

  •   A-Shift: (1218)
  •   B-Shift: (1225)    
  •   C-Shift: (1150)
  •   Volunteer Firefighter training hours:  (2286)