PUBLIC NOTICE: NOTICE TO TOWN OF ELIZABETHTOWN TAXPAYERS All unpaid 2022 Real Estate Taxes will be advertised beginning March 24, 2023. To avoid advertisement full payment must be made on or before March 14, 2023. Payments submitted by mail must reach Town Hall by 5:00 PM Tuesday, March 14, 2023.                                                                           Beverly Robinson                                                                         Certified Tax Collector/Deputy Town Clerk


Elizabethtown Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund, Inc.

The fire department has also founded a local chapter of the Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund, Inc. Elizabethtown Fire Chief Nick West and Assistant Chief Norris both said the department is selling Challenge Coins for $10 each and they have a trailer to collect aluminum cans located across the street from the fire department. The cans are recycled and funds raised are used to assist burn victims.

“Several years ago, we were awarded a grant for the can trailer. That was through the Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund,” said Chief West.

The goal is to raise funds to assist burn victims in their recovery. You can purchase a Challenge Coin from the fire department located on Swanzy Street in Elizabethtown and drop off your aluminum cans in the can trailer for recycling.

To learn more about the Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund, Inc.. go to