PUBLIC NOTICE: NOTICE TO TOWN OF ELIZABETHTOWN TAXPAYERS All unpaid 2022 Real Estate Taxes will be advertised beginning March 24, 2023. To avoid advertisement full payment must be made on or before March 14, 2023. Payments submitted by mail must reach Town Hall by 5:00 PM Tuesday, March 14, 2023.                                                                           Beverly Robinson                                                                         Certified Tax Collector/Deputy Town Clerk

Elizabethtown Fire Department Announces Dyson Street Control Burn

Elizabethtown– The Elizabethtown Fire Department will be conducting a controlled burn on Wednesday February 5, 2020 in the Dyson Street area of Elizabethtown, according to Deputy Fire Chief Anthony Norris.

The fire department will be using the local water system during the control burn. The use of the water, may result in some residents experiencing cloudy water.

The fire department recommends flushing spigots and/or the inside faucets until the water is clear. Please allow adequate time for the water to run clear. Residents should expect alternate travel patterns in the areas of Dyson, Horne, and/or Wright Streets during the controlled burn.

Any residents with other possible concerns contact the Town of Elizabethtown or the Elizabethtown fire department at 910-862-3979 or 910-862-4586.