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Cemetery Update: Next Phase is Leveling of Headstones and Grading. Residents Asked to Remove Items from Headstones

                   Town Requests Citizen’s Help in Next Phase of Cemetery Repairs


Repairs to the damage on the Elizabethtown Cemetery, caused by Hurricane Florence, is moving into the phase of headstone leveling and finish grading. In preparation for this phase, the Town of Elizabethtown is requesting that citizens remove any adornments from family gravesite in the affected area by Sunday, October 17.

According to the consultant of the project, WK Dickson & Co., the items that need to be removed include vases, flowers, crosses, flags, and other items not permanently attached to the grave marker. Living trees and plants should be removed as well. Items can be removed after work hours or on the weekend with caution in the work zone.

The two sections involved in the repairs are the section adjacent to Cypress Street between Main Street and East Queen Street and the northern section between Queen Street and the Cape Fear River.

The contractor, S & C Construction, has completed a detailed survey and headstone survey. They will be working in increment segments to remove the headstones and grave markers, level the ground and then replace the headstone or marker. No more than 100 grave markers will be disturbed at a time. The contractor estimates that it will take 3 days to complete the process in each segment.

The Town is also requesting that funeral directors contact the town before planning a service to ensure that the grave is not in a work zone.

A video explaining the complete process and the current progress report can be found here. 

Please contact Director of Communications and Marketing, Terri Dennison, with any question at 910-862-6022 ext. 2004.